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Date League Teams Tips Result
23.06.2024 Norway: 1. Division Stabaek - Levanger Under 3.5 Win
23.06.2024 World: Euro Scotland - Hungary / Sure vip Under 2.5 Win
22.06.2024 World: Euro Belgium - Romania Under 2.5 Win
21.06.2024 World: Euro Slovakia - Ukraine Under 2.5 Loss
20.06.2024 World: Euro Slovenia - Serbia Both Score Win
19.06.2024 Finland: Veikkausliiga Ekenas - Mariehamn Over 2.5 Win
18.06.2024 Estonia: Premium Liiga Paide - Parnu Under 3 Win
17.06.2024 World: Euro Romania - Ukraine Over 2 Win
16.06.2024 World: Euro Slovenia - Denmark Under 2.5 Win
15.06.2024 Iceland: Division 1 Fjolnir - Thor Akureyri Under 3.5 Win
15.06.2024 Sweden: Superettan Skovde AIK - Degerfors / Sure vip Under 2.5 Win
14.06.2024 Sweden: Superettan Orgryte - Sundsvall Both Score Win
13.06.2024 Ireland: Premier Division Waterford - Shelbourne Both Score Loss
12.06.2024 Finland: Ykkonen SalPa - Kapa Under 2.5 Win
11.06.2024 World: Friendly Game Mongolia - Cambodia Over 2.5 Win
10.06.2024 World: Friendly Game Poland - Turkey Over 2.5 Win
09.06.2024 World: Friendly Game Italy - Bosnia Under 2.5 Win
08.06.2024 World: Friendly Game Denmark - Norway Over 2.5 Win
07.06.2024 World: Friendly Game England - Iceland Under 3.5 Win
06.06.2024 World: World Cup Mali - Ghana Over 2.5 Win
05.06.2024 Japan: YBC Levain Cup FC Tokyo - Hiroshima Under 2.5 Loss
04.06.2024 World: Friendly Game Ireland - Hungary Over 2.5 Win
03.06.2024 Ireland: Division 1 Bray - Cobh Ramblers Both Score Win
02.06.2024 Denmark: 1st Division Aalborg - Vendsyssel Under 3.5 Loss
01.06.2024 Sweden: Superettan Degerfors - Utsiktens Both Score Win
31.05.2024 Czech Republic: 1. Liga Mlada Boleslav - Hradec Kralove Both Score Win
30.05.2024 Poland: Division 1 Arka Gdynia - Odra Opole Both Score Win
29.05.2024 South Korea: K League 1 Incheon - Ulsan HD Both Score Win
28.05.2024 Sweden: Allsvenskan Malmo FF - Elfsborg Over 2.5 Win
27.05.2024 Norway: 1. Division Mjondalen - Moss Both Score Win
26.05.2024 Norway: Eliteserien Haugesund - Sandefjord Both Score Win
26.05.2024 Switzerland: Super League Grasshoppers - Thun / Sure vip Under 2.5 Win
25.05.2024 Greece: Greece Cup Panathinaikos - Aris Under 2.5 Win
24.05.2024 Germany: 2. Bundesliga Regensburg - Wehen Both Score Win
23.05.2024 Finland: Ykkonen JIPPO - PK-35 Both Score Loss
22.05.2024 Sweden: Superettan Ostersund - Gefle Over 2.5 Win
21.05.2024 Iceland: Pepsideild Kopavogur - Valur Under 3.5 Win
20.05.2024 Poland: Ekstraklasa Zaglebie - LKS Lodz Over 2.5 Win
19.05.2024 Germany: 2. Bundesliga Dusseldorf - Magdeburg Over 3 Win
19.05.2024 Croatia: HNL Hajduk Split - Gorica / Sure vip Both Score Win
18.05.2024 Germany: 3. Liga Hallescher - Dortmund II Under 2.5 Win
17.05.2024 Finland: Veikkausliiga Ilves - Haka Both Score Loss
16.05.2024 Norway: Eliteserien Viking - Lillestrom Over 3.5 Win
15.05.2024 Bulgaria: Bulgarian Cup Ludogorets - Botev Plovdiv Both Score Win
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